Convenience store payment in advance (KOMOJU) is now available!

More payment methods are now available for the MRCorset Webshop.
If you do not have a credit card, prepayment is recommended!

Pre-payment at convenience stores (KOMOJU)/ Payment fee 190 yen (tax included)

Mini Stop
Daily Yamazaki
Seven-Eleven (not available due to preparation)

Payment can be made at the above convenience stores. Payment can only be made from within Japan.

After clicking "Order Complete", you will be redirected to the KOMOJU convenience store payment system.
Please confirm the payment amount and enter your payment information, then click "Purchase".

Payment is due within 3 days from the day after the order date.
We will make arrangements to ship your order in the order in which we receive confirmation of payment.

After the deadline, your order will become invalid and will be automatically cancelled.

The maximum purchase amount is 300,000 yen (including tax and handling fees).

If you choose to pay at a convenience store (KOMOJU), KOMOJU will send you an e-mail containing the number required for payment.
If you have set up your e-mail reception preferences, please remove the filter on "" and send the e-mail to the address below.
If you have set up your e-mail settings so that you can receive e-mail from, please remove the filter for "".

Regarding receipts
The receipt issued at the time of payment at the convenience store can be used as a receipt.
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