Notice of export exemption start and shipping change

Thank you for your continued support.
System maintenance has ended.

About updated contents after maintenance

Consumption tax exemption started
Export tax exemption start (shipment outside Japan)
Orders after the end of system maintenance are eligible.
Tax exemption is an export exemption only, and you may be charged separately by the delivery country customs.

If you are on your way to the payment process and If you set the shipping address to a country other than Japan, the sales tax exemption will be applied.

About change of shipping fee
  • When purchasing a product less than 10,000 yen (excluding tax) in Japan: Reduce 1,500 yen to 1,000 yen (tax included)
  • When purchasing a product over 10,000 yen (excluding tax): Shipping service

Shipment outside Japan

  • Shipping to the People's Republic of China has been suspended due to severe customs when customs clearance is severe.
  • We have changed to shipping calculation by calculation table in UPS.
  • The effects of fuel surcharges that fluctuate on a weekly basis are also available at any time.
  • Shipped countries will be changed as follows.
  • Please contact us if you wish to deliver to other countries.

List of shipping countries

Country / region name UPS AREA remarks
KOREA, republic of 1  
Macao 1  
Taiwan, Provinge of China 1  
Hong Kong 10  
Indonesia 2  
Malaysia 2  
Singapore 2  
Australia 4  
Guam 4  
New Zealand 4  
Canada 5  
Belgium 6  
France 6  
Germany 6  
Italy 6 Tax number is required for delivery
Monaco 6  
Netherlands 6  
Spain 6  
United kingdom 6 Customs duties are very expensive.
LeastEnstein 7  
Luxembourg 7  
Portugal 7  
Switzerland 7  
Malta 7  
Hungary 7  
Poland 7  
DenMark 7  
Finland 7  
Iceland 7  
Sweden 7  


  • UPS AREA1. From 3,900 yen (0.5kg)
  • UPS AREA2 4,200 yen (From 0.5kg)
  • UPS AREA4 4,500 yen(From 0.5kg)
  • UPS AREA5 4,000 yen(From 0.5kg)
    Florida and Alaska in Alaska +2,700 yen(Remote Area Fee)
  • UPS AREA6 4,100 yen(From 0.5kg)
  • UPS AREA7 4,500 yen(From 0.5kg)
  • UPS AREA10 3,800 yen(From 0.5kg)

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