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H&A Mini Sweat Frill Pants (BLACK)

H&A Mini Sweat Frill Pants (BLACK)


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New frilled sweatpants with leg warmers.

A set of leg warmers with a lace-up ribbon design and diagonal design pants with pannier-like tulle frills that can be worn for a punk-cute look!

Leg warmers can be attached and removed using adjustable strap clips.
Recommended to match with cat ears series


Pants waist approx. 68cm-96cm
Total length approximately 34cm-41cm

Leg warmers thigh circumference approx. 32cm-48cm
Total length approximately 58cm

Body material: 100% cotton
Separate fabric material: 68% polyester, 30% nylon, 2% polyurethane

*Other than pants with leg warmers, these are reference products.

Made in JAPAN

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