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P-314 Pullip(プーリップ)/ MOONA(ムーナ)・予約終了

P-314 Pullip(プーリップ)/ MOONA(ムーナ)・予約終了


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Like a butterfly dancing on the moonlight night .....

The first collaboration pollip with apparel brand MR CORSET has appeared♡

The first collaboration model to be commemorated is a luxurious specification that is a total coordination with headdresses and dresses that reproduce the brand very popular Angel Wing in doll size, and a beautiful corset and arm cover with a delicate design!

With a brand -special coordination, you can see cute Angel Wing from the front and back, and it is a beautiful doll from any angle.

The headdress and corset, which use a lot of delicate lace, are accented, making it a coordination that tickles the maiden heart.
The fluffy skirt with plenty of lace is a lovely you want to touch.

If you remove the corset, you can enjoy the crochet Lace Angel Wing Dress reproduced in the doll size, and as if a cute angel had fallen down.♡

The elegant and beautiful makeup that matches the clothes is packed with pale blue eye shadows, impressive pink eyes, and Purupuru pin clips.

The curl hair of white and blonde is cute, and it is a specification that can be enjoyed without hiding Angel Wing.
Please welcome "MOONA" and have a dream -like time.♪

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Scheduled to be shipped in late May 2023

Product name MOONA (Monna)
Part number P-314

Target age 15 years old or older

Body size total height about 310mm

Clothes/cotton, etc.

Package size D110 × W205 × H370 (mm)
Country of origin China

Headdress, arm cover, doll stand

© Cheonsang Cheonha.all Rights Reserved.
© MR Corset

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Made in JAPAN

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